Website Backups, Read All About Them!

Website Backups & Maintenance

Have you ever backed up your WordPress website? Still wondering why you should back it up and how it’s done?

Ever heard the saying “you don’t know the value of something until you lose it” – this applies to your website as well. A website is a valuable asset which enables your business to be found both locally and globally (if that’s your market). Without it, you’d still be relying on that tiny, rather expensive advert in the back of a newspaper or worse, the Yellow Pages – do you still read that? I guess not.

In today’s world, websites are taken for granted by many businesses who just expect their website to bring them new leads and sales without giving it a second thought after it has gone ‘live’. Like many things, all websites require maintenance to keep them in optimal condition. After all, a website can go dead just as quick as it can go live.

So, you’ve managed to get your website exactly where you need it and it is now raking in new, high-quality leads daily and you’re working with clients you once could only dream about and you think you’re on top of the world.

Disaster strikes.

In a split second, your website is gone, wiped off the face of the Earth. The biggest mistake here is that people think the Internet is massive and the chances of this happening to them are incredibly slim. In actual fact, yes, the Internet is big but the likelihood of it happening to your website is quite high. This is why we have created Platinum Care with one of the main focuses being on getting regular WordPress backups to prevent a lasting impact of such an event occurring.

This is why we have designed Platinum Care to take a backup of your entire site every single day. This is 7 times more often than most hosting providers who tend to offer weekly backups. This means that when something does happen, you can rely on the backup from that day (instead of last week) to get you back online within minutes. Yes, minutes, not days.

That’s just one example of why WordPress backups are so important – they reduce downtime when something does go wrong (which it will at some point) and allow you to run updates knowing that you have a backup to revert to if something was to break. With updates being several times per month, it can relieve a lot of weight off your shoulders and will ensure you don’t skip an important update due to worrying it could break your site.

If you prefer to take on a DIY approach, you might be taking daily backups on your own. That’s great. But, what happens when you are away from your computer or get too busy and forget to run the backup? You guessed it, you don’t have that crucial daily backup. Platinum Care is a fully-automated WordPress backup service that is working every single day to create that crucial backup of your website. Rain or shine, hot or cold, even on your day off, it will be working to keep a daily copy of your entire website so you don’t have to.

We’re just telling you about one very important aspect of Platinum Care. In reality, it is much more than that. In addition to the daily WordPress backups, our care plans handle all of your WordPress updates (yes, those downloads that can break your site) alongside regular monthly maintenance, as well as hosting the website itself.

We’re making it easier than ever before to keep your WordPress website fully up-to-date with all the latest security patches, daily backups to minimise restore times in the event of a fault and allowing you to do what you do best – run your business – leaving all the tech stuff to us.

So, how do you sign up? Simply drop us an email to [email protected] to get your WordPress website back on track.­

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