Founded in 2017, Platinum Digital has developed a proven track record of innovative designs, effective problem solving and attention to detail. Our goal with every project is to meet and exceed the expectations of every client.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing a professional, high-quality design service for all projects, whether big or small, meeting requirements and deadlines every time. We become your partner in design with your goals becoming our goals – we want you to succeed after all!

Our Mission

At Platinum Digital, our mission is to help companies develop their online strategy by building innovative and engaging websites whilst ensuring exceptional customer support throughout.

Core Values

Our core values are Excellence, Partnership, Collaboration, Creativity, Dependability, Transparency and Integrity.


By giving attention to every detail, we’re able to create an end product that surpasses our client’s expectations. Our goal is to provide the best possible product every time because we believe this should be the norm.


No more dreaded web developers, it’s a thing of the past. We’re ready to go the extra mile for every client. Your interests are at the forefront of everything we do – regardless of project size – where we aim to become your trusted creative partner.


From start to finish, we work closely with every client to gain a complete understanding of the business, the challenges it faces, who they want to attract and what their visions are for the future. We might be good at the creatives, but only you really know your business.


To us, creativity is about finding the solution to a problem – even if you think it may be impossible. We never settle for the easiest or quickest solution. We combine our analysis, research and expertise to create a product which not only solves your problems but makes you stand out in the process.


We’re the creative partner you can depend on. We will always deliver on our promises, communicate effectively and meet every deadline. We treat your business like our own and aim to deliver above and beyond what you’d expect.


Ever worked with a web developer in the past and never had an idea where the project was at? Did you spend most of your time chasing the developer to get answers? We’re here to change this. From start to finish, you have direct access to our progression on your project where we can communicate, collaborate and get on the road to achieving results for your business.


Keeping our promises and remaining fully transparent with you throughout a project demonstrates our integrity. This obligates us to let you know if we feel an idea wouldn’t be in the best interest of your business.

Ben Haylett
Creative Director
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