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Managed WordPress Hosting

You’ve got a WordPress website, great! That means two things; firstly, you’ve made it into the online world (congratulations!) and secondly, you’re paying someone to keep your website on the internet. Performing a task like this is critical to every online business as their website is often the first port of call for new, potential customers when they want to find out what the business can offer.

When you want something, you enter it into a search engine such as Google which then gives you a load of websites relevant to your search – it’s an easy life, eh. The website for your business could be top of the list but is useless if the website isn’t online or takes a long time to load as there are thousands of other businesses on that same list waiting to pounce on your misfortune. When you’re looking for a product in the supermarket and can’t find it, you have to go to another store. When you’re online, with a few clicks you’ve gone through 10 companies and found the one you want to do business with.

As with anything, there are hundreds of WordPress Hosting options available. The question is, are you using the best one? Chances are, you’ve never even considered it beyond the fact your website needs to be online. GoDaddy, HostGator, there are a range of ‘big names’ within the hosting industry – but do you really want to take a supermarket approach to one of the most important aspects of your business?

We certainly don’t.

We’d prefer to work with a team of WordPress experts. Platinum Digital can be your experts. Not only can we offer a complete website redesign package, we can even offer a complete maintenance and support package to ensure your website is always online, up to date, backed up and secure from all those dreaded hackers.

Platinum Care – Our Managed WordPress Hosting UK Service

We like to call our WordPress hosting service Platinum Care, simply because we care.

We love to see websites running faster whilst putting your business in a great position online amongst all the other benefits our hosting offers. We see all too often websites that are struggling to load and are ultimately losing out on business to their competitors.

We see our WordPress hosting from two perspectives – it helps us, but it helps you more.

We don’t want to be another ‘typical’ hosting provider, we want to be a unique hosting provider who can provide the best possible service you could ever need for your website and ensure every requirement is catered for through our tailored plans (yes, we understand every business is different). Platinum Care includes the following benefits; daily backups of your entire website, 24-hour website monitoring, customer support and all WordPress updates both core and plugins installed by an expert. Click here to see everything included in our WordPress Website Care Plans.

You’re probably wondering, why do I need this and how much is it going to cost. Very good questions.

If you understand the importance of your website and the impact it has on your business, Platinum Care is designed to understand that importance also by providing the best possible service utilising the latest technology to keep your website online 24/7/365 whilst being completely up-to-date patching it against potential hackers and keeping it backed up in the event it was to break during use.

Our packages start at £80 / month. Sure, it costs more than the ‘big names’, but do they give you the service your website deserves? Do they really understand how important your website is for your business? Chances are, they provide hosting – yes, that’s it. Nothing fancy.

Get a Free WordPress Hosting consultation

We expect you’ve got a whole bunch of questions running around in your head. That’s perfectly normal. We’d like to offer a completely free, no-obligation consultation to see if our WordPress hosting would be a good fit for your business whilst answering any questions you may have.

Still interested? Contact us today to discuss your requirements with a web expert to see how our Managed WordPress Hosting would be beneficial to your business.

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