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That’s right - when you choose Platinum Digital, we craft a website that focuses on your business and what you do best. Prior to starting any project, we have an in-depth conversation to identify where your business is heading and how a new website will be able to benefit your business in its physical growth and with its online presence. Working with clients locally in Norfolk and across the country, we take the time to understand your current marketing problems and tailor a solution unique to your business. Heck, you wouldn’t buy a new car if it had the same problems you already had. When you started your business, you had a reason for doing so. You have something that people want and copying a website from a competitor just won’t let you express your brand to its full potential. We utilise our experience and the details you offer about your business to put a complete website together that is you, no-one else.

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Honest advice -it might be all you need.

You may already have ideas floating around in your head which is why we’re on hand to offer honest advice to assist you. If we feel something might not work or be the best option for you, we’ll let you know and see if an alternative would work best. Remember, you do what you do best, let us handle everything ‘web’ - it’s what we do best after all.

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We understand investing in a website can be a big deal for any business which is why we try to make the whole process as simple as possible ensuring maximum transparency from start to finish. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and have consistent 5-star reviews from clients who have worked with us for a number of years.

Have you ever had to send 101 emails to your design partner to get answers on your projects progress? We’ve put an end to it all. From start to finish, you get live access to our progress so you can see what we’re working on and if we’re on track (we pride ourselves on always meeting deadlines). If you have any questions, we’re always at the end of the phone or tapping away at a keyboard ready to send you an email response.

When you invest in a Platinum Digital website, you get assigned a dedicated contact who is your point of call for everything from the initial consultation to future support beyond the launch of your new website. No more sending an email or making a call and speaking to everyone including the office dog before you get your answers. You’ve got a business to run so you need answers quickly. By offering this, we can offer reassurance when you need it most and give you the answers you need and deserve in a timely manner.

Sometimes as a business owner, you’re ready to try just about everything to see if you can get results for your business. You want to grow, who doesn’t?! We’re on hand to offer you honest advice on whether something may work for your business based on our vast experience developing websites for clients across a broad range of industries.

When you’re ready to invest, we’ll provide a fixed-price quotation for the work discussed and stick to it. We understand that a new website can be a considerable investment so we never change the price mid-way through the project unless the scope of the project was to change.

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