SEO Success Plan

The flexible search engine optimisation service focused on getting your business climbing the search results.

A Tailored SEO Plan For Every Business

We understand that every business has different goals for what they want to achieve from their website. Some websites are resource hubs, others sell products. That’s why we’ve crafted 3 separate pathways that your business can take to improve its online presence. Want to improve in 2 or 3 areas? You can choose as many pathways as you wish!

On-Site SEO Pathway

Optimised Content
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Optimised Site Structure
Meta & Schema Data

Content Pathway

Keyword Research
Keyword Placement
Up to 2500 Words of Optimised Copy

Link Building Pathway

5 High-Quality Backlinks
No Blacklisted or Low-Value Links
Links of Greater Domain Authority

How Does The SEO Success Plan Work?

Ever wondered how your SEO campaign is performing? Wonder no more! Every month, we’ll send out a detailed report showing you what we’ve achieved during the previous month.

Onboarding & Analysis

During the first month of enrolment, we’ll take a deep dive into your website by performing a complete SEO Audit, security audit and maintenance audit as well as making any required changes to give your website a clean bill of health.

Choose Your Pathway(s)

Once onboarding is complete, we’ll discuss the best pathway(s) for your business which would best suit your requirements. From here, we’ll develop a plan to begin working on your website. You have the option to choose one, two or all three pathways.

Quarterly Adjustments

Every 3 months we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss the results of your SEO campaign in the previous quarter. At this point, we can switch pathways or continue on the same pathway(s) and build on the work already accomplished.

How Much Does The SEO Success Plan Cost?

Our flexible packages allow you to easily combine multiple packages to save money and get a greater return on investment.

Single Pathway

Choose any single pathway with the option to change pathways after 3 months.

£350 / month
enrol today

Two Pathways

Choose any two pathways with the option to change pathways after 3 months.

£595 / month
enrol today

Three Pathways​

Take advantage of our entire SEO Success Plan with no need to change pathways.

£840 / month
enrol today
The first 14-days of onboarding and analysis for your website is £190 for any plan.

SEO Success Plan - The Details

So, you’re interested in getting your business climbing the search results? You’re in the right place.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can’t be placed in a single bracket – it is constructed of various different areas. What would work for one website, may not be the best solution for another (or at least not to the same level).

What’s unique about our SEO Success Plan is that we’ve grouped SEO strategies into three distinct categories (we call them “pathways”).

  • On-Site SEO
  • Content
  • Link Building

Each pathway has a combination of strategies that work well together to boost your website’s rankings.

On-Site SEO Pathway

If you’re just starting out with SEO for your business website or you’re not sure where your website currently sits in the rankings, On-Site SEO is a great place to start. We recommend that most businesses start with the On-Site SEO pathway (at least for the first quarter).

On this pathway, we’ll dive deep into the structure, content and meta-data of your current website. This will allow us to focus on optimising everything you already have so that it is better suited for the search engines.

Often, this consists of a lot of smaller tweaks which can make a big difference overall whereas other changes may be a more significant overhaul of the site structure.

Content Pathway

If your website is a bit “thin” on the content front, the Content Pathway is a great option for your business.

Whilst some content is better than none, having optimised content is far better for the search rankings as it goes into a greater level of detail on a specific area.

When on the Content Pathway, the first thing we’ll do is identify the keywords and phrases which your target audience are searching for. We are able to measure the volume of searches and also how difficult these keywords would be to rank for. Once this data has been generated, we will develop content that is specific to those keywords and/or phrases.

Every month will offer up to 2500 words of search engine optimised content – this could be used for a single long blog post or several smaller posts. This is considered on a case-by-case basis based on the data already collected and what would make the most sense for your business.

Link Building Pathway

Our Link Building pathway is a little bit different to the other two pathways as we don’t actually do any work on your website. This pathway focuses on getting other sites to link to yours.

Google and all the other search engines assign an “authority” ranking to every website. A site that is popular, has a lot of traffic and is well-known, would have a much higher level of authority in the search engines in comparison to a brand new website which would have very little authority.

One way to improve the authority of your business website is to have more authoritative websites linking to yours. When they link back, they pass some of their higher authority along to your website. Think of it like an in-person referral – when you refer someone, you’re also passing along your trust in somebody.

Onboarding & Analysis

Regardless of the path (or pathways) you choose for your business, the first 14-days will always be the same – Onboarding & Analysis. This 14-day period has a flat fee of £190.

During this month, we’ll set to work auditing EVERYTHING on your website: your current content, current SEO performance, security and maintenance etc. We always do this first as it informs a lot of the decisions that are made further down the line. It also helps us to benchmark what success looks like for your website.

This onboarding & analysis process is only ever done once for a website.

If you choose to go on a single pathway for your business, it would be £350, but you do have the option to work on multiple pathways at the same time. When working on multiple paths, we do offer a discount for each additional path, with 2 paths at £595 and 3 paths at £840. We don’t believe in holding anyone to lengthy contracts so your enrolment to the SEO Success Plan is on a month-to-month basis. The only restriction we have is that you stay on a chosen pathway for a minimum of 3 months as switching back and forth between paths makes it difficult to analyse the results of the work completed and we find the campaigns to be less effective overall. Every month, you will receive a detailed report including the work we’ve done in the previous month (deliverables), as well as progress reports on your rankings in the search engines. We track the movement of rankings on a daily basis so you’ll know exactly how effective your campaign is – no more guesswork.

Hopefully, any questions you have regarding the SEO Success Plan have been answered but if you do want anything else answered, just let us know using the form below.

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